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NORTH & LIGHTS is a small company in Bergen, on the west coast of Norway. It´s founded & run by me, Christine K. (hi!).

Bergen, where I´m based, is a beautiful city surrounded by 7 mountains. This makes it one of the rainiest cities in the world and we have about 400 days of rain every year. At least that´s what it feels like. I wanted to make these rainy days feel just a little bit better, and what better way to do that than to light a scented candle? Scents can take us to places we´ve never been, and the stories I´ve written are just where the scents took me. They can take you anywhere.
The candles are handpoured in my studio in Bergen and made from an eco friendly, luxurious & vegan wax. The fragrances are phthalate free. When I decided to start out, I wanted to make sure my candles were safe & sustainable as well as luxurious. They do not contain any parafin or palm wax.

All of my ingredients are sustainably managed, are made from renewable sources, and the manual labor is based on years of tradition.

NORTH & LIGHTS is a proud member of Norwegian Made, a trademark and digital showroom for quality products really made in Norway.

My candles are as luxurious as they are sustainable,  they all have their own story & you can totally judge the books by their cover. 

Logo Made in Norway

For samarbeid og andre henvendelser, kontakt oss gjerne her.

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